Beijing, 17 de marzo 2008


On March 17th 2008, one of the biggest dealer in South America- Alfa Topografia S.A
DE C.V. from Mexico arrived in our Beijing factory. This is the first time they came
to China after more than 5 years’ business, which is of great significance for both of us.
Alfa has had an excellent cooperation with us for the past years. With their strong sales
ability and our timely support, their sales volume increased rapidly every year.

The gentlemen visited are: Mr. Luis Moreno Jasqui, Mr. Andres Moreno Jasqui, and
Mr. Miguel Moreno Jasqui. In the following 3 days, they had a pleasant talk with
the seniors ofour factory and then took service training on the instruments. After the
training, they are ableto solve most of the technical problems and have more
confidence in selling SOUTH in Mexico.

From March 21st to 27th, these gentlemen had an unforgettable tour in Beijing and
Shanghai, which according to them, “was a unique and magical experience”.This
trip not only fulfillstheir goal of service training , but also enhances our mutual
understanding a lot. We see a much brighter future in Mexico and other South
American countries.SOUTH is planning to visit Mexico back later this year and
Alfa is also preparing their second visit to SOUTH headquarters in Guangzhou
next year.