Guangzhou, 8 de abril de 2009

April 8th, a grand ceremony was held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. South Surveying & Mapping Co.,ltd, the biggest surveying products manufacturer was celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Deputy Director of State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, Mr. Song Chao Zhi,experts and leaders of surveying industry, Professor Ning Jinsheng, Li Deren, Liu Xianlin, Wei Ziqin, Liu Jinnan, etc attended the ceremony and expressed their sincere greeting to SOUTH. More than 40 representatives of excellent foreign distributors also came to the conference, as well as some former employees of SOUTH, relatives of SOUTH staff, branch managers, factory managers and the staff from overseas offices, altogether more than 1100 people.
After 20 years, SOUTH steps into a new era on its developing stage. Starting from nothing in 1989, but with an annual output of 1.08 billion yuan in 2008, SOUTH writes a legend among China surveying circle.
At the moment of its 20th birthday, SOUTH also took the chances to express its gratitude to the customers, leaders, experts, staff and friends. One of the two founders, Vice President of SOUTH, Mr. Yang Zhen Peng, presided the ceremony. He said that South will, as always, made efforts and seized the opportunity to go faster. we will not live up to the trust and love from all social sectors, and will definitely achieve a new dream.


Deputy Director of State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, Mr. Song Chao Zhi expressed congratulations to SOUTH

President of Geodetic Engineers of the Philppines, Mr. Rueul Pintor said, Philippine surveyors would like to strengthen cooperation with China.

Professor Anatoly Okhotin from Russia Irkutsk State Technical University wished SOUTH a happy 20th birthday and gave a humorous speech.

The wonderful performance presented by SOUTH staff

Foreign guests are watching the performance

President of SOUTH, Mr. Ma at the welcome dinner for foreign guests

SOUTH specially designed ‘SOUTH CHRONOLOGY’ device showing the milestones of its development

Foreign guests taking photos at the 20th Anniversary