Lima, 18 de enero 2010

The SOUTH 2010 Conference and Training for Latin America Distributors was just completed in Lima, Peru during Jan 18th to 24th. 13 distributors for 10 countries of Latin America, including Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Bolivia, etc, attended the event. The 25-people group focused on the service training on new & old generation total station repairs, Win-TS update, GPS principle and demo as well as new products release.

With keen interest and sound vision in SOUTH products, participants were more than active during the training. A pretty good atmosphere could be a perfect summary of this gathering, as continuous questions, hot discussions and even on-spot trials well plotted the interactive scenes. Such an event has been considered as a very significant and essential one, and expected to continue more often. A better understanding between manufacturer and distributors and the international brand image of SOUTH have been greatly enhanced, which is very helpful for communication and cooperation, in terms of sales and marketing operation and technical service experience exchange, to distributors in different countries.

Over the past year, due to the influence of the financial crisis, the Latin America market suffers a downturn. However, dealers are confident to re-achieve rapid growth through the joint effort of SOUTH group and themselves.

After the conference, SOUTH carefully organized Lima one day tour for the dealers, to fully ex-perience the history and culture of Peru.